Campaign: Africa Day Campaign 2023

Content about Africa, including the people, culture, stories and its languages are underrepresented on the global digital knowledge networks. It is disheartening to know that on Wikipedia, there are more articles about the city Paris than the continent of Africa. The lack of African content on the web is just one half of the issue at hand, noticeably African narratives are often written by people outside Africa and are not Africans, propelling biases in the content with which Africans engage and in how Africa is perceived.

Without African knowledge and narratives created by Africans, we are prevented from experiencing an accurate representation of our world, our people, our languages, and from being able to contribute to developing this.

To that effect, The African Knowledge Initiative (AKI), seeks to leverage on the Wikimedia tools and platforms to breed innovative solutions to bridging the content gap on global digital knowledge networks.

In bridging the content gap, the African Knowledge Initiative (AKI) is leveraging the Africa Wiki Challenge, which is an African content driven campaign with the aim of gathering content about Africa in commemoration of the African Union Day.

The competition will run from 19th May to June 19th 2023 with the theme "Education, Science and Technology"