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Campaign: Africa Wiki Challenge

The Africa Wiki Challenge is an annual campaign that encourages Africans to contribute content about Africa on Wikipedia, to help reduce the content gap and to create visibility about the rich heritage, endowments and history of the continent.

Each year, we are focused on covering issues and developments on the continent through themes that reflect current trends that not only project Africa, but also highlights the stories and significance of the African continent.

As at 2016, only 2.6% of the 5million+ content on English Wikipedia was about Africa. To put this into context, the uninhabited continent of Antarctica has more content written on it than Africa. We recognize the work being put in by current contributors of Wikipedia from the continent but also acknowledge that we need help from everyone to enable us close the wide content gap that exists.

The campaign remains relevant considering the fact that Africa is the Second (2nd) largest continent on the planet, yet has information sparsely covered on the web.

Create a localised campaign and help us track the impact of the campaign.

Visit www.awc.ofwafrica.org to learn more about the Africa Wiki Challenge and how you can contribute.