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Campaign: Citizen Science Day

Celebrate citizen science by adding needed references to science-related articles. Participants will gain experience in evaluating Wikipedia articles for completeness, accuracy and bias as they review articles with [citation needed] tags, and search for reliable sources to confirm or clarify unsupported statements. Accurate communication of scientific research findings is an essential component of the scientific method; participation in this process of documentation is one way we can all be citizen scientists. Taking part in the edit-a-thon supports learning as related to the Association for College and Research Libraries' Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education: http://www.ala.org/acrl/standards/ilframework

More on citizen science: Citizen Science Association https://www.citizenscience.org/ Citizen Science Day https://www.citizenscience.org/events/citizen-science-day/

Tag your edits: #CitSciDay2019