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Campaign: #DisruptWikipedia

A Wikimedia event series to introduce the skills, expertise, and enthusiasm of our community at Columbia University to public scholarship, to "disrupt" - dismantle and eliminate - and help bridge the gaps in systemic and institutional inequality and representation on Wikimedia platforms like Wikipedia, and in other free-culture and open-source-software movements.

The goal is to inspire a campus-wide community to engage with Wikipedia enthusiastically, provide space and support, and to encourage them to continue to contribute after each monthly event.

Wikipedia has become a reference website despite the fact that it is not a formally published resource that is paid for and edited in traditional ways. It is openly editable and updated constantly, exemplifying the phrase, “work in progress.”

The good parts: anyone can add knowledge which dismantles the elitism of our cultural biases. There are more pages created every day written by people all over the world.

But what or who are the subjects off these pages? Who is writing them? From whose perspective? And why?

Want to learn more? Columbia Librarian Sophie Leveque talks about systemic problems within Wikipedia on Columbia University School of Social Work's Social Impact LIVE.