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Campaign: MedinaStories - حكايات المدينة

MedinaStories aims to promote the role of cultural heritage in peacebuilding in the Maghreb region. It consists in creating a set of free educational materials about religious and cultural diversity in the Maghreb Medinas listed as UNESCO World Heritage, through a collaborative approach.

This project is being implemented with the support of UNESCO under the framework of the UNESCO/UNOCT project on the Prevention of Violent Extremism (PVE) through Youth Empowerment in Jordan, Libya, Morocco, and Tunisia, co-funded by Canada.

Prizes : 3 collections of books valued at 50 USD each for the top 3 editor in each program : Arabic, French and English !

To participate in MedinaStories photography contest, please visit : www.medinastories.wiki

To learn more about the project, please visit: https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/MedinaStories