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The sum of characters added to articles by enrolled editors between the start and end dates

References Added

This is the number of reference tags added to articles, and can include multiple references to the same source. The data comes from the ORES article quality model, and is only available for some languages.


The estimated views to each article since it was first edited, through the most recent stats update. You can use to see the exact numbers.

Wiki Programs
Sesterské wikiprojekty prakticky 58025 0 515 cs.wikibooks spolu/Sdílená_praxe
GlobaLeaks 24080 0 112 cs.wikipedia spolu/Sdílená_praxe
Matrix prakticky 23179 0 886 cs.wikibooks spolu/Sdílená_praxe
Wikinástěnka 10409 0 341 cs.wikibooks spolu/Sdílená_praxe
Ransomware prakticky 2934 0 0 cs.wikibooks spolu/Sdílená_praxe
The Things Network prakticky 574 0 275 cs.wikiversity spolu/Sdílená_praxe
CityVizor prakticky 0 0 92 cs.wikiversity spolu/Sdílená_praxe