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Campaign: Wikiwomen Taiwan 2020

「女性若是想要寫作,一定要有錢和自己的房間」~維吉尼亞.吳爾芙(Virginia Woolf)。 "A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction." - Virginia Woolf

「薇姬的房間」是由女性為主體的自由軟體社群WoFOSS,與Wikimedia Taiwan激蕩而出的火花,期待它能夠成為一個更友善女性的共同寫作社群,讓女生也能享有舒適、自在的共同寫作空間。 "A Room of WikiWomen's Own" is a meetup started by Women in Free and Open Source Software in Taiwan(WoFOSS) and Wikimedia Taiwan(WMTW). We wish it become a co-editing community that is friendly for female, and let women have a free, comfortable co-editing space on their own.


Female participation are way less then male in the internet community of collaborative writing in the Wikimedia Movement. Perhaps it's not that hard for women to have economic autonomy in the contemporary era. However, to have one's own space that is comfortable and relaxed is still need to pursuit now.


Openness does not mean nudity. To create a covered space will allow women to open their mind and write down the world they see. Welcome to join us!