Campaign: Yoruba Wikipedia Translation-a-thon

Considering the importance of development of African languages, among which Yoruba is one, with a very wide deficiency in its contents creation and contributor, there is obvious need to recruit more volunteers editors who are not just speakers of the language but professionals who are vast in the knowledge of Yoruba culture, practice and advance literacy (standard ways of Yoruba orthography). One germane deficit Yoruba Wikipedia has been faced with is poor content translation. Most articles on Yoruba Wikipedia need to be either rewritten or re-translated. This project aims to translate high-quality articles on English Wikipedia to Yoruba Wikipedia and to retain volunteer Yoruba translator experts. I am a Yoruba language teacher and a prolific content translator on Yoruba Wikipedia with more than 200 articles to my credit, and I will be leading this translation-a-thon with supports of other experienced editors of Yoruba Wikipedia community.