Welcome to this Editathon training!

The goal of this training is to introduce new and experienced facilitators to some of the best practices learned by the event running community for running editing events, frequently called editathons, backstage passes or editing workshops.

There are a lot of details, and a lot of opportunities for making mistakes when running these events: no editing event is ever perfect, and even the best organizers will forget some of the details that made previous events successful. Mistakes are lessons learned, and will help you better support events in the future.

This training comes in three parts: defining editing events, initial preparation for the event, and final planning and details as the event approaches.

The first two modules of this training include a series of preparation questions that can be used to help you plan an editing event.  You may want to write down the answers to your questions in a separate document or offline to help make sure that you remember to followup on challenges that you identify with those questions.